Electric Car Rebate

Do you have an electric car (or plug-in hybrid)? We currently offer a 15% reduction in residential-rates to electric car owners. Call us at 707-431-3583 to set up this feature.

For Billing or CARE Program questions, please visit Utility Billing.

Your Power Savings

 Healdsburg Electric Rate Class
Savings Over PG&E
 Residential (D1) using 510kW hour / month
 Residential (D4) using 750kW hour / month
 Residential TOU (E7) using 660kW hour / month
 Small Commercial (C1) using 1000kW hour / month
 Small Commercial TOU (A6) using 1000kW hour / month
 Medium Demand (P2) using 15,000kW hour / month
 Large Industrial (E19) using 95,000kW hour / month

Comparisons do not include PG&E surcharges, decommissioning fees, public purpose programs, transfer trusts, ongoing competitive transition charges, or various other chargers included in PG&E's monthly bills.

Based upon Healdsburg’s average residential usage pattern, residential customers can receive an annual savings of $186.18. 
Healdsburg Power Savings