Fitch Mountain Fire Information

Healdsburg resident, Mr. Eric Drew, gave the fire department the historic picture of the City of Healdsburg and Fitch Mountain to compare the amount of vegetation that has grown on Fitch Mountain from 1928 to 2005 (picture below). On a regular basis, the fire department initiates a campaign to educate those city residents whom live on or adjacent to Fitch Mountain as to the wildfire hazards that are present in the area. In fact, because most of Fitch Mountain has been designated by the State as a Fire Severity Zone, it is subject to specific fire safe regulations which we enforce each spring when we send out abatement notices during our Weed Abatement program.

How You Can Help Prevent Fires
Whereas, the notices many of you may receive provide guidance as to the vegetation clearance you need to take in order to maintain compliance with the regulations, there are a number of other measures you can take that will not only help you before a fire, but increase your safety when 1 occurs.
Fitch Mountain 1928
Fitch Mountain 2005
To that end, we have developed the Fitch Mountain Informational Brochure (PDF) with 9 bullet points that we feel will provide you the most effective means to meet this goal. We would ask that you please take the time to review the document and implement the suggestions included.

This is particularly important as we are in our 3rd year of drought, which has led to a more active fire season being forecast for all of Sonoma County. We would encourage you to taking advantage of the free chipper program by completing the Chipper Application (PDF) and submitting to the Fire Department before the deadline.

We also encourage you to get involved with the Fire Free Fitch Mountain organization which has already established neighborhood fire safety groups in most areas on the mountain and who welcome your participation. Please contact that group by email.

For more information on how to be fire safe please visit the following websites: