Utility Services

  1. Billing & Customer Service

    This division of the Administrative Services Department is responsible for utility billing for electric, water and wastewater, and the management of 6,100 resident and business utility customer accounts.

  2. Electricity

    The Electric Department is responsible for power procurement for the city, compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, and providing conservation programs to its customers.

  3. Online Payments

    Submit a payment for services rendered by the city.

  4. Water

    Water Department staff maintains the city water system from production at the well fields and storage at various reservoir sites through distribution to city water customers.

  5. Wastewater

    The City of Healdsburg’s wastewater collection system consists of 36 miles of sewer mains and 9 sewer lift stations. The sewer mains and lift stations convey residential, commercial and industrial wastewater into the treatment facility.

  6. SmartLiving Healdsburg

    As the City's Utility Department works to supply Healdsburg's electricity, water, wastewater needs, we are keenly aware of the importance of using these resources efficiently and effectively. Just as it is our responsibility to reliably deliver these services to our customers, it is also our responsibility to provide our customers with information, opportunities, and incentives to help them use these resources efficiently and effectively.