City Council Goals

The City Council annually sets goals and priorities. The goals, for FY 2016-17 are as follows.

Strategic Initiative
City Facilities Infrastructure Complete the long-term maintenance program that ensures all City facilities are maintained to the highest standard.

Finalize the plans, address the financing sources, and begin the project to merge the CDC into City Hall.

Approve scope of Cerri Building project, determine the financing sources and begin construction.
Quality of Life
Economic Diversity & Innovation
Effective & Efficient Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Infrastructure & Facilities
Community Housing
Continue efforts to develop affordable housing city-wide and on City owned parcels and continue implementing the housing and rent stabilization programs including partnerships with North Sonoma County Services and COTS.

Develop a comprehensive community outreach program to educate the community on housing economics and explore ways to put forth a long-term vision for housing.

Complete the Housing Action Plan for current cycle and place the Growth Management Ordinance amendment on the November 2016 ballot.

Explore/develop ways to encourage creative solutions for housing the workforce and the "missing middle" and explore opportunities to allow the City to develop housing and supplement funding for affordable housing.
Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government
Community Parking
Explore ways to increase parking on City owned property through a public/private partnership that will alleviate parking congestion in the downtown area that may include methods to stimulate the turnover of parking spaces.

Continue to work with NCRA to expand parking in West Plaza.
 Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government 
Fiscal Responsibility Maintain a strong public outreach process, which includes distributing information regarding he City finances in a printed brochure, by email, electronically via the Financial Data Transparency Portal on the City's website and using other social media.

Ensure city facilities and resources are maintained to the highest levels for future generations by improving financial systems, strengthening fiscal policies, and continuing to closely monitor expenses and budget in this time of economic growth.
Effective & Efficient Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Infrastructure & Facilities
Infrastructure/ Capital Improvements
Ensure significant capital improvement projects such as the Roundabout and Streets Rehabilitation project are executed and managed in a way that the disruption to the public is managed appropriately through high quality customer service along with a robust public outreach process. 

Ensure best management practices are utilized to expedite the building process and ensure any development in that area is consistent wit the Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan (CHAP).

Ensure all Measure V projects identified in the FY 2016-17 budget are out to bid and nearing completion in FY 2016-17
Quality of Life, Effective and Efficient Government
 Public Safety

Support our Public Safety Departments by ensuring proper leadership and resources are in place in order to meet our community's needs.

Continue to improve transparency and maintain a high level of public trust using the available technology in all aspects of the police and fire department operations and administration.

Explore securing long term funding sources for public safety personnel currently funded out of Measure V funds.
Quality of Life, Effective and Efficient Government 
Transparency / Communication
Create and execute coordinated public outreach campaigns, which inform, educate and engage our citizens on current city projects including the Roundabout and Street Rehabilitation. 
Implement enhanced communication tools which educate our citizens on the housing challenges in Healdsburg and actions being taken to address these challenges by the City, utilizing all outreach tools including the creation of a housing brochure, an informational series to be distributed electronically and in print, as well as strengthening outreach efforts and civic engagement for all city housing workshops, meetings and activities.
Quality of Life
Effective & Efficient Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Infrastructure & Facilities