Cerri Site (Purity Building) Redevelopment Project

Cerri Building

The City purchased the Cerri Site (pronounced "cherry" like the fruit) in the 2000's with the intent to redevelop the property. The economic downturn and subsequent dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies by the State of California stalled work on the project.
In 2015, City Council authorized $1.57 million in funding to redevelop the property as part of the City's Capital Improvement Program. During subsequent discussions, City Council directed that two schematic design options be developed for reuse of the property, and that the two options be presented to the public for feedback:  
(1) Renovating and repurposing the existing structure (with parking), and 
(2) Demolishing the existing building and redeveloping the site with a surface parking lot with shade structures.

In the summer of 2015, the City retained the services of TLCD Architects of Santa Rosa with local representation from Alan Cohen Architect to lead the schematic design process. As part of the schematic design process the City completed environmental testing in the fall and early winter of 2015-2016 and a series of focus groups in February 2016.

Public Input

City Council Presentations: The City Council received four presentations on the project: 6/15/15, 10/9/15, 1/19/16, and 5/16/16. 
Focus Group Sessions: The City conducted four focus group sessions in February (Farmers Market Board, Friends of the Farmers Market, the Arts Community, and the Downtown Businesses/Chamber of Commerce), and one focus group in April (Farmers Market Board).

Public Open Houses: The City held two public open houses: 3/3/2016 and 5/4/2016. 
Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission: The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission received an update on the project on 5/11/16. 

Individual Public Feedback: The project had an online or email public feedback option that ran from March 4 through July 16, 2016. 

Recommendations and Direction

Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Recommendation, July 27, 2016: 
The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission considered the schematic design options at a meeting on July 27, 2016. The Commission recommended to City Council Option #1 without necessarily building out the building at this time but doing the parking lot improvements and infrastructure needed to be able to adapt the building for future uses. 
Meeting Packet
Meeting Presentation
City Council Direction, Monday, August 15, 2016:
After over two hours of public testimony and discussion, on a motion by Councilmember McCaffery, seconded by Councilmember Ziedrich, directed staff to develop a plan that:

  • Maximizes parking

  • Preserves the façade and a portion of the building

  • Includes bathrooms and a kitchen

  • Can be implemented in phases

  • Uses an ecologically friendly surface for the parking lot surface

The motion carried on a unanimous roll call vote. (Ayes 5, Noes 0, Absent – None)

The Council expressed appreciation for all of the public input and committed to making the site work as a permanent home for the Farmers Market. As part of this commitment, Council also indicated support for the concept of closing North Street for the Farmers' Market.  
Meeting Packet
Meeting Presentation

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Next Steps

Fall 2016: The City retained the services of Andrea Cochran Landscape Architects to join the project team for final schematic design of the site. Staff anticipates that revisions to the schematic design will be complete early in 2017 with a final public open house in late January 2017 before returning to the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council. 

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