Fitch Mountain Park and Open Space Preserve Management Plan

Fitch Mountain Walk In The Clouds

Project Overview

One of the first steps in moving the property from private ownership to a public amenity is completing a management plan for the property. The management plan:
• Evaluates the property from an ecological and recreational perspective
• Identifies areas of focus for restoring and enhancing important natural resources, as well as managing fire risks
• Develops a plan for creating and maintain recreational opportunities
• Guides future work and financial commitments

Timing for developing the management plan is critical in meeting the overall project timeline. The agreement between the City and LandPaths has the property transferring to the City in November 2017 when it is scheduled to be open to the public. Between now and November 2017, LandPaths is committed to establishing public access to the property and initiating the natural resource management activities that will be identified in the plan.
The City Council awarded the management plan development to Prunuske Chatham Inc. (PCI) of Sebastopol. The first step in developing the plan will be ecological and natural resource survey work on the Mountain. Once PCI has the baseline ecological and natural resource information they will begin to formulate the recreational use and long-term management plan components. 

Participate in the Management Planning Process

Public Open House, 6:00pm, Wednesday, July 20, Villa Chanticleer Annex
The public is invited to provide feedback on the future of Fitch Mountain at a special open house on July 20, 6:00pm, Villa Chanticleer Annex. 

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