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  1. frontopengov

    OpenGov - Budget and Financial Statements

    The City has engaged to assist with providing online access to our budget and Financial data. Through Healdsburg's Financial Data Transparency Portal users can view financial data based on the current budget or up to the current month. More info on OpenGov.

  1. 20180126_152314

    Healdsburg Launches First Bikes-Share Program in Sonoma County

    The City of Healdsburg launched Sonoma County’s first bike-share program in January 2018 to provide community members, Healdsburg workers, and the public a convenient, healthy, and affordable way to get around town. More info on bike-share program.

  1. rsz_2018-01-31_healdsburg_roundabout_graphics_page_2

    Roundabout Complete

    Contractors have completed Healdsburg's first roundabout, which replaces the five-way intersection at the south end of town. The project is part of the comprehensive Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan. Here's more information about the project..
  1. floating-solar-panels

    Floating Solar Arrays

    The City is partnering with the Northern California Power Agency to install floating solar arrays on the City’s recycled water ponds.The solar arrays will protect the ponds, which could hold up to 25 million gallons of water, from algae growth and generate 2 megawatts of solar power. More info on the City's recycled water program.

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    City Goes Green

    The City is moving its municipal electric accounts to the Healdsburg Green Rate, which uses 100 percent clean, renewable energy from the Geysers, the world’s largest geothermal field. Residents and businesses can also take advantage of the Green Rate