What is a Transient Occupancy Tax?

A Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), sometimes referred to as a “hotel tax” or “visitors tax,” is an assessment on all lodging transactions (including hotels, motels, resorts, inns, suites, and B&Bs). This assessment is charged to visitors that stay in local lodging establishments and is collected monthly from those local lodging establishments. 

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1. What is Measure L?
2. What is the actual question on the November ballot that voters will be asked to decide?
3. Why has the City placed Measure L on the ballot?
4. What is a Transient Occupancy Tax?
5. What is the City's TOT history? How are TOT funds used?
6. What specifically would Measure L do for Healdsburg parks?
7. Who is eligible to vote?
8. What is needed for Measure L to pass?
9. What happens if Measure L doesn't pass?
10. How long will Measure L last?
11. Where can I go for more information?