Once I submit my license what is the City process for approval?
Upon submission of a completed application and related license fee payment, the Finance Department will process the application and issue the certificate. "Home-Based" and "Within City Limit" applications will be forwarded on to the following departments for code review and clearance:
• Building and Planning Department - review and approval of the business zoning, signing, home occupation, etc.
• Public Works Department – review and clearance of sewer discharge.
o If the business is discharging anything other than domestic wastewater, a Wastewater Discharge Application is required. See the City website for a Discharge Permit Application.
• Fire Department – review for fire compliance and hazardous materials. Any hazardous materials used must be listed on the application. See our website for a sample listing of hazardous materials.
• Police Department - review for state certification requirements and emergency contact information.

In the event the business is not cleared, the tax license will be revoked and a full refund of the Business Tax Certificate fee will be issued.

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