What is recycled water?
Recycled water is municipal wastewater treated to remove solids and impurities where it can be used for non-potable purposes such as irrigation, surface washing, dust control, toilet flushing, etc.

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1. What is recycled water?
2. Where does Healdsburg's recycled water come from?
3. Where can I fill my container for the self-hauling program?
4. What are the hours I can fill my container for the self-hauling program?
5. If I'm not a citizen of Healdsburg, may I still use the self-hauling program?
6. How much recycled water may I take away with me at a time?
7. Why am I only allowed to take away 300 gallons maximum at a time?
8. How do I sign up for the self-hauling program?
9. Who can I contact for more information regarding the self-hauling program?
10. What can I use recycled water for?
11. Can I water my plants with recycled water?