Scholarship Program

Affordable Recreation
The City of Healdsburg wants every resident to have an opportunity to participate in supervised recreation programs. The Activity Assistance Program ensures that eligible Healdsburg residents are afforded this opportunity. Read the Activity Assistance Information Sheet and Application (PDF).

Programs Eligible for Assistance
Only programs directly offered by the City of Healdsburg Community Services / Parks and Recreation Department are eligible for fee assistance; programs and classes offered by contracted instructors and other agencies working through the department are not eligible. Eligible programs / classes include:
  • Sizzling Summer, Kinder Kids and Preschool Camps
  • Spring Break Camps
  • Swim Lessons
  • Tee Ball
  • Toddler Programs - Twos Together, Roots and Shoots, Stepping Stones
The following programs are not eligible for fee assistance:
  • Admission to Healdsburg Swim Center for recreation / open swim
  • Programs and classes offered by contracted instructors and other agencies partnering with the department
  • Other programs as determined solely by the department
The city reserves the right to change the eligible programs at any time.

Eligibility Guidelines-How to Apply
  • Fee assistance is available to City of Healdsburg residents.
  • Assistance is limited to up to 50% of the total program cost. Maximum assistance per person, per calendar year is $150.
  • Fee assistance awards are granted based upon funds available at the time of request. Completion and submission of the application does not guarantee approval.
  • All applications must be completed in full and must include the items below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • Copy of a valid driver’s license or identification card is required.
    • Applicants must provide a copy of a City of Healdsburg utility bill (electricity, water, refuse)
    • Copies of current 2 pay stubs or benefits statements for each adult in the household earning income must also be provided.
The city, at its sole discretion may accept other forms of income verification. All applications and attachments are confidential and filed with the Community Services Department for the exclusive purpose of determining eligibility for fee assistance.

The information provided on the Application for Activity Assistance will not be given to anyone that is not part of the Parks and Recreation Department administrative staff. The information will be used only to decide if the child is eligible to receive fee assistance.

Children that receive fee assistance will be treated in the same manner as those children that pay full price for the same service. No child will be discriminated against because of race, sex, color national origin, age or disability.