Emergency Services

Fire Department

The Healdsburg Fire Department, established in 1858, is responsible for protecting the life, environment, and property of its citizens and community from the dangers of fire and hazardous materials incidents and by providing emergency first aid response to medical emergencies.

  1. Police Department

  2. The Police Department is responsible for the protection of life and property, the maintenance of order, the control and prevention of crime, and the enforcement of motor vehicle laws and regulations.

The City of Healdsburg’s emergency management program is managed by the Emergency Services Coordinator, with significant support from the Police Department and Fire Department. Together, they are committed to preparing the City and the community to effectively respond to and recover from emergencies – minimizing the loss of lives, damage to property and the environment; and enabling the restoration of continuity of services.

Map: Evacuation Zones

We worked with the County of Sonoma in the spring of 2021 to create new evacuation zones for Healdsburg. 2022 updates include minor boundary changes to 9 zones. You can lookup your evacuation zone at either:

  1. City of Healdsburg Evacuation Zone Mapping (Instructions to look-up address)
  2. Know Your Zone - Sonoma County Evacuation Zones Map 
  3. Download the Evacuation Zone Map Book (27MB) that contains zoomed in images of each zone, complete with addresses.

Public_Web_COH_EOC_Evacuation_Zones_11x17_Overview_Simple_2022In working with Sonoma County Sheriff, we decided that this approach to smaller zones will serve us better in the long run because it:

  • Allows for greater flexibility when evacuating community members.
  •  Allows for zones to be more universal so they work just as well for floods, for example, as they do for wildfires.  
  • Allows for a more orderly re-population so it's easier and less confusing when people return after a disaster. 
  • Allows our police department to be more strategic when it comes to operations.

Emergency Preparedness Brochure

Image of the cover of the Emergency Preparedness Brochure Opens in new windowThe City of Healdsburg has developed a multi-page English- and Spanish-language emergency-preparedness resource for the community. Created by the City Manager’s Office and the Fire and Police Departments, the brochure includes best practices on how you can prepare for disasters such as wildfires, and floods.

The overriding message of this resource: Prepare for a disaster now. Do you have a communications plan in case you get separated from family members? Do you have an emergency “go-bag” with necessities such as clothing, medication, and food? What’s your pet emergency plan? Don’t wait: Prepare now.

Download: Click the image or here to download a printable PDF of the brochure. 

Utility Wildfire Safety

Unlike most municipalities, the City of Healdsburg operates its own electric utility, and the community benefits from lower electric rates compared with PG&E. Go here to learn how our Electric Department is preparing for disasters and what you should do prepare you and your family for public-safety power shutdowns.