City Council Goals

The City Council annually sets goals and priorities. The goals, for FY 2021-22 are as follows.

  1. Policies and Programs to promote economic diversity and sustainable growth
  2. Initiatives that Promote Environmental Stewardship
  3. Expand Affordable Housing Opportunities
  4. Maintain and improve infrastructure and facilities
  5. Provide Effective governance
  6. Maintain and enhance public health and safety
  7. Provide resident-driven community services
Begin Housing Element Update w/look at zoning/density study of downtown (start FY 2020-21, complete by 6/22) - Researched the cost to do a Housing Element update and actively assembling the funding.
- Appoint Community Housing Committee to support development of the Housing Element Update, and associated Safety Element tasks.
- Ensure equity, inclusion and diversity are incorporated into the Housing Element Update.

Energize One-Stop to look at ways to quickly assist businesses in the city who want to improve operations and sustainability, and engage Chamber in similar effort - Quick and effective pivot to remote and digital services.
- Staff continues to look at ways to energize One-Stop meetings to quickly assist businesses.

Direct City Manager to return to Council in Fall 2021 with informational item re: options for cannabis sales/production in Healdsburg.  - Provide overview of challenges, requirements and potential revenue generated by sales/growth.
Review permit fees and process by June 2021. Consider ways to reduce processing requirements, resulting in fee reductions.
Discuss merits and concerns of a fee holiday.

This is complicated by the pandemic although the City has made process improvements and waived some fees. Further discussion is needed.
Complete the South Entry Area Plan by 2025.  Identify key steps, timeline, and approximate costs by end of 2021.
Explore opportunities to expand parklets, outdoor dining and walkability in the downtown area and open streets. Prepare ongoing parklet proposal for Council consideration in 2021.