Strategic Plan Community Input

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Summary Reports

Phase II Summary Report: This report includes summaries of a series of workshops for the community -- both English- and Spanish-speaking residents -- as well as City staff.  In addition, the report features the interim results from the Strategic Plan Community Survey. Click here to view the report.

Phase I Summary Report: This report includes detailed summaries of the focus groups and speaker-series events held in the spring of 2019 as well as community feedback about the City of Healdsburg presented as a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Click here to view the report.

Community Survey

The results of the community survey that was conducted and completed September 4, 2019 will be included in the strategic planning documents.

Community Input & Feedback

Speaker Series Videos

The City of Healdsburg held a three-event speaker series at the Community Center in June 2019 on key community issues to help educate and learn from local stakeholders:

June 5: Economic Diversity in Healdsburg
June 19: Land Use and Housing
June 24: Healdsburg 2040/Sustainable Design Assessment Team

This feedback will be provided to the Healdsburg City Council and City Staff as it develops the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.